2017 Arrangement Contest Winner: Brian Buda

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As promised, I am announcing the winner of the 2017 contest today and it is Brian Buda. Brian (as many of you know) is an established and widely published writer already, mostly in the choral arena. He wins $1000 for this contest.

I also want give some honorable mentions:

Aaron Smith
Betsey Ogden
Mark Looney
Tracey Biddle
Jerry Piger
Benjamin Knoedler

In case you wondered, there were almost exactly 100 entries in the contest. There were many good entries that I have not listed here. Frankly, as I went through the entries, I was sad that there could only be one winner when I saw so much good work that I knew was the result of a lot of effort and love. It really is hard picking winners to these things. I saw entries from 13-year-olds that were just outstanding. I also saw remarkable progress from some of you older pianists that have been sending me your work over the years. In fact, most of the honorable mentions above are unpublished writers that are producing work at a level that can be published.

Remember of course that judging these contests is subjective, but as I wrote a few months ago, here was the criteria we looked at.

Congratulations to Brian but really, I want to thank all of you for your hard work and talent. It is inspiring.

Happy Thanksgiving. BTW, come back here tomorrow. I am launching something I am extremely excited about.

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