Sinking but still paddling

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I am sorry for the light posting here lately.  I am doing my best to keep writing, but it is a bit of a challenge at the moment, mostly due to the Atlanta live taping here in about 40 days. After that, things should slow down dramatically and I will start posting arrangements and stuff again.

A quick update on the live taping.  I made a very tough decision about two weeks ago to change producers.  The producer is the most critical person working on the show because she is pretty much in charge of everyone including set design, lighting, cameras and audio.  In theory, her job is to take a zillion things off my plate so I can focus on music.  In real life, I am afraid it is not quite that simple because I still have plenty on my plate: promotion, hiring musicians, etc.

Because of some things that I won’t discuss here, I became uncomfortable with my last producer and switched to Kim Ryan White.  It was a great decision for me and I am sleeping a lot better.  Kim is experienced as anyone in Christian concert live tapings and she gets what I am trying to do.

Some of you might be interested in the behind-the-scenes of something like this, so I thought I would share the schedule.  The actual schedule is very detailed but it boils down to something like this and yes, it does take three very full days to pull this off.

Wednesday – Aug 8
8am – 10pm: Set up lights, scenic, and audio

Thursday – Aug 9
8 am: Tune piano
10 am: Tech prep
2-6 pm: Rehearsal
6-8 pm: Audio fixes from the rehearsal
8-10 pm: Video wiring

Friday – Aug 10
8:30-noon: Video setup
12 pm: Tune piano
1 pm: Makeup
3-5 pm: Dress rehearsal
5-7 pm: Dinner/makeup touch ups
7-9 pm: Concert
9-11 pm: Take down everything
11-??: Audio fixes (in case I need to fix concert mistakes)

There are a lot of details and a lot of people involved but the good news is I don’t have to worry about 90% of it.  Basically, I just show up to play.  That is a beautiful thing.

But at the moment, I am busy…

3 thoughts on “Sinking but still paddling

  1. David Roebuck, MD says:

    While listening to Abiding Radio on iTunes, I saw that something or someone called Foto Sisters was or were playing some of your piano arrangements. What in the world is that and do they have your permission to do that? Some of Mark Hayes’s arrangements were also being played.
    Thanks! I’m looking forward to your upcoming concert.
    David M Roebuck, MD

  2. Greg says:

    David, the Foto sisters always pay licensing to me when they use my stuff. I am sure they pay Mark Hayes too. It is perfectly legal to do it as long as they pay mechanical licensing.

  3. Daniel Blomdahl says:

    I wish I could be there so badly. I’m originally from the northwest, but I’m working at my college in FL to pay for school. Atlanta is such a short distance away and I could help with playing in the orchestra but at that point in the summer I’ll be in an orientation for my teaching internship. I’m so sad.

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