Erin Bates Interview – Part 1

Here is part 1 of my interview with Erin last weekend. This one just covers some basic questions about her background and family.  The upcoming segments will deal with her recording and some music tips (me teaching her and her teaching me).

A funny thing happened in this interview that you will notice.  I got Erin to reveal the name of the Bates’ upcoming TLC show, but their producer made me mute it because it has not been made public yet.  It was one of her blond moments I guess.  I can tease her for being blond as much as I want because she takes every opportunity to tease me about being old.

On a more serious note, the major reason I wanted to do this was because Erin represents something I am seeing from many young church pianists; thanks to all the access to information, they have become much more advanced and knowledgeable and they are getting some great opportunities.  I know many young pianists across the country that are already arranging well and recording–things that I never would have even considered at their age.

I want you to note that in Erin’s case, it all goes back to a teacher that taught her for free and made the decision to spend 10 minutes of the lesson teaching improvisation.  Just that slight emphasis on improvisation has paid off in a big way. 

If you don’t see the video below, click here.