Cool chords video: Brethern We Have Met To Worship

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There were tons of submissions to last week’s challenge.  I thought I would do a video where I play through some of them and discuss them.  Don’t be upset if I don’t talk about yours.  I only was to cover a small fraction of them and the video is 25 minutes long.

I have been going back and forth on picking a winner.  There were a few that came in that were very technically good.  And then there some that were very creative.  In the end of the day, I am going with creativity this time, so the winner is Alice C. I will be in touch with you on getting you your free product.

This video quality is not my best effort.  I know that there are a few seconds here and there throughout it with some noise distortion.  But it is so long that I just did not feel up to recording it again, and after all, it is free!