Video Lesson: Homework for 2013

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Here is a video that will give you what I would consider to be a very important concept. It is not easy and will take some time. However, it is important enough that it is worth spending the time on even if it takes you the whole year to get it down.

The concept of the circle of fifths is probably known to you. But can you actually play the circle of fifths and use it in your music? This video will get you started.

If you don’t see the video below, click here.


4 thoughts on “Video Lesson: Homework for 2013

  1. Lane says:


    Greg, this is solid gold. I can’t believe I have a degree in music performance and NEVER heard anything like this. The sounds you get with those progressions are just AMAZING!

    I am so jealous that you riff those off and with all that beautiful motion and the melodies. I think that will intimidate people. Most of us will just need to plunk through the chords for a long time.

  2. Robin Freeman says:

    I have to admit that this video discourages me. I am not trying to be critical Greg but I don’t think you understand how some might feel when watching this. What you are doing is not just progressions. You are composing on the spot with all those things going on, apparently effortlessly. That being said, you seem to take it for granted that anyone playing those progressions will be able to do that. You don’t even address what you are actually playing as you do those progressions. I guess I am saying that the progressions is actually just a tiny bit of what you are doing here and just learning the progressions does not mean anyone is going to sound like this. I can play these progressions and it sounds nothing like this.

  3. rainer says:

    Hi Greg, it is quite a while go and in the meantime i found this video!
    As another reviewer said, it is not a clear and easy task you are proposing!
    Playing just two chords, yes, but you are including lots of different things.
    Although i am not a complete beginner i am overwhelmed with this task.
    Could you possibly write a few notes, a small sheet or explain a little more details , please!
    thank you very much!

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