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Changing V chords to V7 chords

I just uploaded a new video that discusses another little tip for improving your sound: changing V major triads into dominant 7ths. Lately, I have started doing a lot of these short videos and I will probably continue. If you have ideas for other little things you want me to cover, please let me know […]

Spicing up the I chord

Yesterday, I recorded a new video about a little tip you can use to make your music sound more sophisticated. It involves adding the major 7th to your I chords. I don’t need to discuss it here because the video will explain everything. If you don’t see it below, click here:  

Transitions between songs

Every year, I like to give you guys a project to work on throughout the year and today, I want to introduce this year’s project: transitions between songs when doing congregational accompaniment (or similar situations). The video below gives you a three step process for learning how to modulate as well as how to adjust your […]

Technical analysis of “Come Ye Thankful People Come”

Yesterday, I posted a new free arrangement . If you have not downloaded it yet, just click on that link and you will get it instantly. There are a few things going on in this arrangement that I want to talk about really quickly. One is a harmonic idea and one is a rhythmic thing. […]