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Texture series: The push

In contemporary music, rhythm is very important. In fact, contemporary music relies heavily on rhythm for its sophistication and without doubt, much of that music is very rhythmically sophisticated. I listen to songs on the radio very often that just make me shake my head. They sound easy but I know full well how hard it […]

Free arrangement and harmony lesson: He Hideth My Soul

I am going to do something a bit unusual today. I am going to give you an arrangement for free that you normally have to pay for. “He Hideth My Soul” is an arrangement that was released to my Monthly Hymn Arrangement Club members in May. Before you continue reading, you might want to download the arrangement […]

Updates and current suggestions for aspiring professional Christian musicians

I know posting has been light here recently. Let me give you a quick update on what is going on and then get to the main point of this post. Yesterday, I finished the initial draft of a book for Lorenz (Christmas arrangements). I need to go back through them and wrap up my initial changes over […]