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Choosing a diminished 7th over a dominant

Over time, my taste changes somewhat and I find myself gravitating toward new ideas. I can point out a few in the recent arrangement of “Honey in the Rock,” but I want to talk about one in particular. Check out these examples and then we will talk about them. If I asked you to name […]

Arrangement analysis: “When We All Get To Heaven”

I started arranging when I was in high school. My arrangements were horrific stuff, far below the bar that many of my young readers set today. (By the way, those that bemoan the sad state of today’s music education are clearly not seeing what I see. Today’s young generation is far ahead of where my […]

Song demo: When We All Get To Heaven

I just published a new arrangement of “When We All Get To Heaven” on my sheet music page. If you are a monthly hymn arrangement club subscriber, don’t purchase it. It will be coming to you shortly. This is not an easy arrangement, especially for those that don’t have swing in their bones. This is […]