Greg Howlett is a former professional musician and a current longtime entrepreneur. He also writes and speaks on things he considers important.

Greg started playing the piano at the age of 8 and was heavily involved in church music for decades. Eventually, he started recording, which almost accidentally led to a successful music career. By the time he retired from music, he had recorded 10 albums, two for-TV live concerts, and 35 hours of instructional products for pianists. He worked on/produced many other albums, wrote a book on professional music marketing, and performed hundreds of concerts all over the United States and other places in the world. He also published well over 100 of his arrangements, mostly here on the site, but through Lorenz as well.

Music Timeline

2003 – Recorded Timeless Reflections, a piano-only project in his living room.

2006 – Recorded Reflections on a Journey, a piano/orchestra project with Steve Mauldin/Nashville String Machine.

2008 – Recorded Inspirational Improvisation, a six hour DVD course for church pianists.

2009 – Recorded Portraits of Hope, a piano/orchestra project with Steve Mauldin/Nashville String Machine.

2010 – Recorded 11 DVD courses (25 hours of instruction) for church pianists.

2010 – Recorded Quiet Place, a piano-only project.

2010 – Recorded Seasonal Spice, a Christmas project featuring Greg with other solo musicians.

2010 – Recorded Live in Charleston, a live concert video recording featuring Greg with special musical guests.

2012 – Recorded Looking Up, a live concert CD/DVD featuring Greg with an orchestra, band and choir at Gwinnett Performing Arts Center in Atlanta.

2014 – Recorded Heirloom, a piano-only project for children.

2015 – Recorded Lovenotes, a piano-only project featuring classic love songs from the early 20th Century.

2016 – Recorded Solace, a piano-only project of beloved hymns.

2017 – Recorded Christmas Improvisations, a piano-only project of Christmas favorites.

2019 – Retired from professional music.

Other work

Greg started his career as a software designer but left that field to start a business. Since then, he has founded multiple multi-million dollar companies. He is also a speaker and writer on things pertaining to life, music, and business.


Greg lives in Monroe, Georgia with his wife Marla and four children (David, Kelsey, Katelyn, and Zachary). At present, the family all works together in the current family business.