music-notes-02aEvery month, you can win $250 plus a lot of exposure just by entering your original writing/arranging into my writing contest. Submit a new piece every month if you want!

If you are ready to submit a piece, click here. If you want to learn more, keep reading.

This contest is open to all writers/arrangers worldwide. Each writer may enter one piece per month. The same piece may be submitted no more than once every three months. No writer may win more than once every three months and once a piece has won, it is not eligible for future months.

Genres and categories
Obviously, most of the music available on this site is Christian piano arrangements and I know that is the category many of you are interested in. However, this contest is not only for that category. The genres I am interested in are Christian (any sub genre), folk, classical, and world music (yes that is a broad term with many sub genres). You can submit music for piano, for other instruments, or for vocals.

At the end of each month, the judging panel will evaluate all entries for that month and announce a winner within ten days. A $250 prize will be awarded as well as possible publishing opportunities.

Judging criteria
Pieces will be judged according the following criteria:
* The excellence of the writing (creativity, elegant use of ideas, shape, form, and similar factors)
* The format the piece is submitted in. In general, I want fairly polished engraved scores. They do not have to be ready for publishing but should be as clean as possible. I will accept lead sheets only if you are a lyricist submitting an original song. I will not accept chord charts or handwritten scores.
* The publishing potential of the piece (marketability).

Exposure and revenue opportunity currently attracts about 50,000 visitors every month and those visitors download tens of thousands of pieces of sheet music. When you enter your music into the contest, you will have the option of choosing to include that music in the free download area of the site.

While you can opt out of this exposure, making your music available for free to my visitors generates valuable exposure for you. In fact, I largely attribute the success of this site to my decision to make music and lessons available for free.

You can also request to have your music sold here rather than available for free. Read this for more information.

Once you list your music here, you will have the opportunity for more exposure opportunities including a bio page with links to your own web presence (such as personal website and social media).

I plan to eventually publish catalogs of winning entries and other high quality entries. All writers selected for publishing will receive publishing royalties.

Other rules

* You must own full rights to any entries you submit. If you arrange music under copyright, you are responsible for any applicable licensing. If we are requested by any publisher to remove your piece of music from our download area because of a copyright violation, we will inform you and give you the opportunity to prove you have appropriate licensing. If you can’t prove licensing with 5 business days, we will remove your piece.

* Entering your piece into the contest and making it available in our download area does not infringe on your right to pursue publishing for that piece with any publisher you choose. If your piece is eventually accepted by a publisher, let us know and we will remove it from the download area.

* We reserve the right to decline any piece for consideration in the contest or inclusion in the download area of the site. Reasons we would decline a piece include inappropriateness, poor quality, or poor engraving.

* To be considered for a month’s contest, your entry must be received through this form by midnight EST on the last day of the month. Please do not submit entries in any other way rather than this form.