Hiring speakers is a tough task and I know that you want to make sure you are getting exactly the speaker you need for your event. It is a time-consuming process and the stakes are high. So on this page, my goal is to help you know what I bring to the table so that you can decide quickly if you want to start a conversation to see if I might be a good fit for you.

What I speak about

I can speak on business and music but most preferably, I speak on the business of music. As a successful professional musician in the world of music, I have proven strategies and ideas that will help musicians that want to learn how to earn a real living in music. My expertise is in the area of marketing and distribution without the use of major labels and recording contracts and other dinosaur relics from the past century.

While my major focus is the business of music, the principles I teach are applicable to many similar areas as well. For example, I would be just as comfortable talking to a group of writers or artists.

Where I speak

I speak at colleges and universities to aspiring musicians as well as trade shows and music conventions. I currently travel throughout the United States and sometimes around the world both as a speaker and concert pianist.

More about me

I started my career as in software development but moved to internet retail within a few years. During the last decade, I built and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Along the way, I returned to a passion of my childhood: music. Almost by accident, I became a recording artist and quickly figured out that what I knew about business came in very handy. Using those principles, I have built a very successful music career as an independent artist without any recording contract or distribution deal. In fact, I have had large distribution offers and turned them down because I believe so strongly that my way is the better option.

In the world of music, I have recorded seven CDs and two TV-style concerts currently airing around the world on nonprofit TV. I have also recorded over 30 hours of instructional products for pianists. Recently, I also wrote my first music business book Professional Music Strategies: Surviving and Flourishing as an Independent Artist. My speaking style has been developed by the experience of hundreds of concerts and speaking engagements and is a blend of humor, personal stories, and great information.

I have been married to Marla for 18 years and live in Monroe, Georgia (outside Atlanta) with her and our four children. 

Popular topics

  • Where the money is: Understanding the revenue in music in this decade
  • DIY: How an independent musician can build an empire without a label
  • Four pillars to branding success: The foundation of a successful marketing strategy in today’s world
  • Time-tested social media strategies
  • Websites that work

What you can expect

  • You can expect me and my team to be responsive. We will return calls and emails quickly and get you the information you need.
  • You can expect me to have your goals in mind. If I speak at your event, it is not about me. We will talk ahead of time about what you need to see happen in your event for it to be considered a success.
  • You can expect me to be ultra-prepared both in my speaking as well as resource materials that I will make available. I will make resource materials available online to your attendees for a period of time after the event is over.
  • You can expect me to promote your event through my blog and other platforms.
  • You can expect me to understand that my speaking needs to balance education with inspiration, neither boring your audience to tears while dumping tons of information on them nor giving them a short term rush solely with inspirational fluff.

Want to talk?

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