If you enter your music into the ongoing writing contest, you may request for us to sell your music here on GregHowlett.com. Here is how the process works.

* We will evaluate your piece to ensure it meets a level of quality in writing and engraving that is worthy of retail. The quality of the writing is self-explanatory but in regards to the engraving (the formatting of the music), we need the music to look professional. Programs like Finale and Sibelius are easily able to produce high quality engraving if you take the time to learn them. We may accept your piece as is, may request changes, or may just say it is currently unsuitable.

* Normally, we will sell your piece for $2.99, but you can always ask for an exception. For example, orchestrations sell for $50-$100 each.

* The revenue will be split 50-50 between us and you. At the time your total earnings exceed $25 USD, at the beginning of the next month, we will send you a check or pay through PayPal.

* You may request to have your music removed from this service at any time and we can remove your music at any time.

* You are responsible for any licensing due to any party that may be generated through the selling of your piece.