Improvisation is the process of creating music on the spot. Someone has said that improvisation is just composing very fast. This is a very critical skill for pianists to have because you will use it in musical situations almost every time you are asked to play.

Because it is so closely related to writing and arranging, there is a lot of overlap between the lessons on this page and the pages for Writing /Arranging and Chord Substitutions / Reharmonization. Be sure to check out those pages for many more lessons.

Free Lessons

How to chart a song
Introduction to improvisation
Making a hook interesting
How to play a lead sheet – Part 1
How to play a lead sheet – Part 2
Understanding dissonance
Hook development
Arranging demo: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Shock value is overrated
The turnaround in music
The turnaround in music (Part 2)
Development thoughts


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