Invite me to do a church pianist seminar in your area. Besides giving practical tips that are useful for church pianists of at levels, I will inspire your pianists to strive to get better.

Here are popular topics that I often cover:

  1. Traditional congregational accompaniment (hymnplaying)
  2. How to play softly during quiet times of the service.
  3. Theory that every church pianist should know.
  4. How to change triads into 7th chords.
  5. Chord substitutions
  6. Modulations
  7. Basics of arranging

If you would like me to cover something not listed above, just ask. I also like to conduct masters classes where your pianists can play pieces in front of their peers and get feedback.

A typical seminar can be as short as an hour or two or be as long as a full day. Full day seminar typically include a series of classes along with a few masters classes. I will also work one-on-one with your pianists outside the seminar if they wish.

The material presented will not be fluff. I use music theory to give very specific tips that can be applied to any song. Every attendee will leave with concrete things they can do to improve, and most will leave inspired to work harder.


Frequently asked questions

What level do pianists need to be at in order to learn from the seminar?

I am used to working with church pianists at every level, and will do everything possible to make the material practical for everyone. Invite pianists at every level to the seminar, including students. If there is too much difference in skill levels, an optional beginner or advanced session might be appropriate.

What results can I expect to see?

While a one-day seminar is not sufficient to teach pianists everything they need to know, it is enough to provide inspiration and a few seeds that will start pianists on a journey of growth. I myself can point to those kinds of events as influential in my development. As your pianists get excited about learning, there are numerous resources to help them after the class including the free lessons here at the site as well as my instructional courses.

What is the cost?

I ask only for expenses, and am appreciative for anything you decide to pay over that. You can pass some of the costs along to the attendees if you wish. Also, consider collaborating with other churches in your area that are interested.

Ideally, I like to combine a Saturday seminar with Sunday concerts. This helps churches spread the travel costs over two events.

How is my teaching style different from others?

It is very common to teach these concepts by simply playing a song and letting people watch over your shoulder. This approach is ineffective and frustrating for the pianists trying to learn.

I am different in that I get very specific with theory. For example, I am not going to tell pianists to find chord substitutions; rather, I am going to tell them substitutions that work and why they work from a solid theory perspective. To my knowledge, my approach is very unique in this regard.

Pianists will be able to walk away with concrete principles and tips that they can easily apply to any song.

How do we get started

If you are interested in hosting a church piano seminar, please contact us. Typically, churches agree to host the event by simply providing a room with a good piano. If you are a pianist, just ask your music pastor if he would be interested. Hosting these events is a great opportunity for churches to get exposure in the community.

If your church does not have enough pianists to justify the event, call other churches in the area to see if they would be interested in sending their pianists. Call us for more marketing tips and strategies.