Church Music Free Lessons

These lessons discuss important skills church pianists need from congregational accompaniment to accompanying small groups, playing soft music, transposing, modulations, etc.

Congregational accompaniment

Congregational accompaniment thoughts
Boldness is infectious
Does stride STILL belong in church?
A simple tip for congregational music
Congregational accompaniment: Is variety necessary?
Congregational accompanying considerations (Part 1)
Congregational accompanying considerations (a diversion)
Congregational accompanying considerations (Part 2)
Congregational accompanying considerations (Part 3)
Softening your stride
How loud should you play in church?
Tips for playing Christmas carols for your church congregation


The IV/V to V7 progression
Accompanying strategies (Part 1)
Accompanying strategies (Part 2)

Other church utility skills

How to play a lead sheet – Part 1
How to play a lead sheet – Part 2 
Tips for memorizing music
Buying a piano in 2014
Tips for smooth transitions between songs
Video Lesson: Transitioning between songs
Myths about preludes
Boom Chuck Tips (Playing Southern Gospel 101)
Three tips for faking it
How long should an offertory be?
How church pianists can adjust to new church music (Part 1)
How church pianists can adjust to new church music (Part 2)
How church pianists can adjust to new church music (Part 3)
How to play string reductions


Ending a song on a IV chord (other thoughts)
The secret sauce of good music
Introduction to arranging and improvising 
Divine download or craft?
What is a Christian piano chord?
Working with other church musicians
Communication between musicians
A worthwhile goal in Christian instrumental music
Can that really work?


Congregational Accompaniment
Church Pianist Package