Live Taping initial thoughts

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Last night, we recorded my new project Looking Up here at the beautiful Gwinnett Performing Arts Center in Atlanta. From my perspective, it was a fabulous night.  We had a great and receptive crowd, the musicians played and looked great, and the technical team was superb.
I heard some very kind things from many people, but two comments really stood out to me.  The first came from a Gwinnett PAC employee who said that in his opinion, our show was the best looking of any ever done in that venue.  The second came from a video tech who said this was one of the smoothest concert tapings he has ever done.
Very little of the credit goes to me.  As I mentioned at the close of the evening, the only way that an event like that happens is when you have good people working on it.  I happen to have had very good people working with me.  That includes the musicians, conductor Steve Mauldin, the audio team, the lighting/stage team, the video team, and the Gwinnett PAC employees.  It also includes people such as my current piano teacher/coach Kevin Bales, Terry Fulbright who coached me over the summer in speech, my stylist Gayle York, my assistant Jennifer Barnes, and of course my wife Marla.
And it especially includes my producer Kim Ryan White.  Kim is the glue that held everything together. She is very focused on making my life easier by taking things off my plate and one of those people that juggles a lot of balls but never seems to drop any.  She is proud of this project and so am I.  I have already seen some footage and it is drop dead gorgeous (in spite of the fact that I am in it).
All told, about 200 people worked on the project (including musicians).  Many never even got to the show itself though we did have close to 100 people backstage for the pre-show meal.
And I have to say a special thanks to the crowd.  We had about 600 people there and many of them came long distances.  Atlanta is a notoriously tough concert town for Christian concerts (because we are spoiled here), and I am overwhelmed that so many came out and even paid for tickets.
It came off well, but that does not mean it was easy.  Those were a few very long days and I am tired. Adrenaline served me well–maybe too well.  I was playing so hard last night that I bruised a few fingers and actually started bleeding on the keys.  In fact, we were unable to do audio fixes after the concert like I had planned.
I will talk about the event more in the next week but for now, here are some pictures taken by people in the crowd and posted to Facebook.











2 thoughts on “Live Taping initial thoughts

  1. Shelly Canton says:

    Greg, I was BLOWN AWAY!!! I had an idea of what to expect but it was a long way from what I saw. It was a stunning event visually and musically.

  2. Daniel says:

    I’m so sad that I didn’t get to attend. I am living relatively close too. I can’t wait until this is released for sale because I want to get a copy.

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