Drama in Tennessee

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My ongoing love/hate relationship with college sports (more specifically, Tennessee Volunteers) continues.

When Tennessee hired loudmouth and proven loser Lane Kiffen last year, I decided that I was no longer interested in Tennessee football.  Kiffen was (and is) nothing more than hot air and a train wreck waiting to happen.  He is not worth my time.  When his players started acting like thugs on and off the field, I was hardly surprised.  I did not watch them all year except for the Georgia game.

So, when Kiffen bolted to USC yesterday, I was not surprised.  Kiffen is slimey, but Tennessee has no one to blame but themselves.  They should not have hired him–anyone with a brain could have seen that Kiffen is bad news.  Their program is now on life support in spite of Kiffen’s absurd assertion that he is leaving the team in a better position than when he came.

I did not realize how nasty college football is.  I would not have even expected Kiffen to thank Tennessee for the opportunity in his last press conference and then immediately get on the phone to start trying to steal players to take with him.  That is pretty gutsy and classless. 

Enough of Kiffen.  Did anyone see Tennessee beat Kansas in basketball on Sunday?  That was my all time favorite sports moment.  Bruce Pearl is not perfect, but kudos to him for being the anti-Kiffen.  Early in the week, he actually kicked thugs off the team.  He then beat the #1 team in the country with walk-ons.  What a performance that was, and what a lesson it taught. 

I will watch that basketball team any chance I get.

One thought on “Drama in Tennessee

  1. Jim B. says:

    Greg, I am with you. As I get older, I wonder more and more why I should care what college students are doing at all. Why are their athletic contests even remotely important? It would be easier if there was any attempts at ethics, but money has destroyed that. Joe Paternos are not that normal any more.

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