My "light" schedule

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My last post about progressions was confusing.  I know that now, and I am going to come back to that this week with some examples. 

I was hoping to take it easy this month.  Steve Mauldin is writing the orchestration for my new project, and I am waiting on him, so there is not much to do there.  I am also not booking any more concerts until that project is done.

As it turns out, I have not been able to take it too easy.  I have done a couple of Christmas concerts with the Daybreak Quartet, and have been doing some arranging for their upcoming hymns project.  I am writing some four part harmony that is a bit off the beaten path for that genre and it is a little tricky.

Yesterday, I found out that they are going to be recording this next weekend and I have a lot to do to get ready for them.  I am also playing on some of their tracks.  Playing on those kinds of projects is very different from my projects where essentially every note is planned.  I am always amazed at what studio musicians come up with on the spur of the moment just from a chord chart.  In fact, most popular music is recorded that way.

That kind of recording is definitely not in my comfort level though I have done it before.  Hopefully, it will go well.  I know this–I will be working a lot on music this week.

I may be playing on another project in the next few weeks as well.  I will give more details on that as I learn more.

I keep saying that things will quiet down soon, but in reality, I am not so sure.  I will be working hard on my next project through mid-March.  Then, during March and April, I will transcribing the arrangements from that project for a book I will be selling.  By the time that is done, the project will be out and I will be doing a lot of travelling and concerts starting in May. 


2 thoughts on “My "light" schedule

  1. Dean Young says:

    In this article you mention you wrote some 4 part harmony. Where did you learn to arrange for voices? Can you recommend a course? Thanks.

    • Greg Howlett says:

      No I don’t know any good courses. Maybe find someone that is willing to coach you in it in a lesson-type format. Faye Lopez or someone like that.

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