Christmas Sale – 2011

Save 15% on all instructional courses and packages!

Through 5/2218, use coupon code 2018spring10. Good for DVDs and downloads.  Learn more here.

Through the end of the year, I am running a big Christmas sale. Here are the details:

$5 CDs: Buy at least two CDs of the same title and get them for $5 each.  Yes, that means you pay $10 for 1 CD or $10 for 2 CDs. That seems silly, but that is the way I set it up.

Live in Charleston for $10: You can buy this 75-minute live concert DVD for half price as long as you buy at least two.  We also still have blemished DVDs that we will sell for $5 if you buy at least two.  (The blemish is the printing; the DVD itself plays perfectly.)

25% off all instructional DVD/downloads: Use coupon code HOLIDAY2011 to get this offer.  It applies to all courses and packages of courses.  I ran this same deal last Christmas, but this is the lowest these courses have ever been offered. 

Why I do this?
Some people ask me how I can afford to sell CDs for $5.  Others feel sorry for me because they suspect I am desperate to move the product.

Here is a dirty little musician secret.  It only costs about $1 to manufacture a CD.  If you sell it for $5, that is a 80% gross margin, and that is plenty of margin for me.

If other musicians sell CDs for $15, don’t think they are ripping you off.  They are likely trying to recoup recording costs, which can be very high. 

I have always been able to recoup my recording costs, so I am happy to sell CDs for $5.  That is especially true if it gives you the incentive to share my music through gifts.

See? It is a win-win.

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