Contest announcement: Win a studio-produced CD project of your music!

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Have you ever wanted to record a CD but have been held back by inexperience and money?  Here is your chance to achieve your dream.
I am excited today to announce a new contest for pianists.  It will run for the next few months and I am going to produce a CD for the winner in one of my favorite studios at my own expense.
There is a lot to cover and it will take more than this post, but here are the highlights of what the winner will receive for FREE:
* Me as producer. (My experience to walk you through the entire process from picking songs to marketing your CDs.)
* Coaching on your music. I will work with you (if you want my help) on your arrangements and performance in the months before going to the studio.
* Two days in the studio.  We will use a studio that I would personally use (either Murray Soundlab here in Atlanta or Playground in Nashville).
* Recording engineering by my long time engineer Jason Prisk.
* Mixing/mastering by Jason Prisk.
* Graphic design of the CD packaging
* My marketing experience to help you start selling CDs and downloads.
The value of this offer is approximately $6,000. 
Here is what is NOT covered in this offer:
* Your travel expenses
* CD duplication expenses (Roughly $1/CD and you need to duplicate about 300 minimum at a time)
* Any mechanical licensing you might owe.  (Licensing runs 9 cents per song per CD if you pick songs that have to be licensed.  You don’t have to license your own music or public domain music such as most hymns.)
Here are some questions you might have…
Why are you doing this?
For many reasons.  But the bottom line is I love music and I love to produce quality music.  I have been producing my own projects for years and want to start producing other musicians.  This is a way for me to start finding musicians to work with.
What production quality will the winner receive?
Exactly the same quality as you hear in my recordings.  We will be using the same studios, pianos, and technical people that I use.  Jason Prisk for example has worked on every single project I have ever done.
What kind of project can I produce?
This package is for a solo piano project.  If you want something else, I can do it, but not in this contest and I can’t do it for free.  If you bring in other musicians (even if you provide them), things get complicated and the cost skyrockets.  If you win the contest and want to do something different and pay the difference in cost, that is fine.
What style/genres are acceptable for this contest?
While my own music is Christian, this contest is open to any style of music that works for solo piano. That includes Christian as well as New Age, jazz, classical, or whatever else you come up with.
Does the music need to be original? 
No. If you are a Christian pianist for example, you can play someone else’s hymn arrangements.  But the judging will be based somewhat on originality.
How will the winner be chosen?
To enter this contest, you need to send me a demo of a song.  The demos must be received by October 31st.  A panel of judges (I will introduce them later) will choose the top ten entries and those will be posted on this site in November.  The public will vote on their favorite artist.  The results of that vote along with the votes of the judges will determine the winner.  The winner will be announced by December 5th.
If I win, when will I need to be ready for the studio?
We will record your project in the spring of 2013.  That will give you 4-5 months to prepare.
I have been wanting to do a project but don’t want to wait for the contest or I want to do something other than solo piano. Will you produce my project anyway?
Possibly. Contact me and we can talk about it.

2 thoughts on “Contest announcement: Win a studio-produced CD project of your music!

  1. Greg says:


    It would depend on the music more than anything. I would not even want to give you a number without knowing more about what you wanted to do.

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