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For the past two months, we have been doing a soft launch of PrayerBond, a Facebook app to allow people to share and pray with each other.  For those who don’t know, a soft launch means we launched it but did not tell very many people because we wanted to make sure the kinks are worked out.

We are now ready to start promoting it more and here are a few videos.  The first explains its value to a ministry.  The second video gives instructions on how to use it.

If you don’t see the videos below, click on these links:

By the way, I did these myself.  Jason Prisk did not want anyone to think he had anything to do with the production quality:)  He is too busy making his movie.

By the way, I took Kelsey and Zachary to the shoot on Saturday and was put to work.  I finally got to leave 15 hours later.  My job was 2nd assistant to Bob Scott, the director of photography.  That means I had to “slate” the scenes.  Here is a picture of me doing that:


And here is a screen shot of one of the scenes shot that day. 


Greg Howlett

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