DVD recording week

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Over the past several months, I have been working toward being able to produce 25 hours of instructional DVDs for church pianists.

This week, we are actually doing the recording.

It is a brutal week, and I will not be sad when it is all done.

Here are the topics we will be teaching. I am handling all of these except for the first one, which will be taught by my mentor and teacher Kevin Bales.

Theory that you will actually use – 5 hours

How to play congregational hymns – 4 hours

Reharmonization (extended chords, chord subs, and complete reharmonization of songs) – 4 hours
Arranging – 3 hours
How to learn to play by ear – 2 hours

Modulations – 2 hours

How to chart a song – 1 hour

How to play a lead sheet – 1 hour

Transposing – 1 hour

How to play quiet mood music – 1 hour

Accompanying – 1 hour

Here are some pics from the day.


4 thoughts on “DVD recording week

  1. C.L. Wright says:

    Dear Greg,
    I can’t wait for this new instructional video to come out. I am thoroughtly enjoying, and also learning so much from your initial piano video instructional program. You teach with such skill and authenticity that it makes the learning process easy to absorb what you’re teaching, and you also make it a fun time at the piano. Thank you for opening up the piano to me.
    C.L. Wright

  2. Shirley says:

    This sounds great, Greg! I bought your “Inspirational Improvisation” course and am slowly working my way through it. It looks like the new one will cover a lot of new material….is it like an add-on, or more like a completely new course? Am also wondering if the DVDs will be available separately, or sold just as a package..and do you have an idea yet as to price?
    Thanks so much!

  3. Danny Gardner says:

    Sounds like great stuff, Mr. Howlett. Infact, I almost feel like a small child awaiting Christmas morning. Good luck with the recording.

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