Weekend in Tennessee with Bates Family

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We were at our new and good friends the Bates this weekend. We love those guys and I love sitting in their music room and playing their music with them. (Zach on guitar or bass, Tori on fiddle and Erin on fiddle/piano.)

One of the things I always learn from the Bates is how to relax a bit. To be honest, I went up there to work because we are launching their new website this week. However, they let us know very quickly that we were going to play hard too. And we did… We explored Pigeon Forge in new ways, but I need to keep that a secret.

The Bates show is premiering on TLC on August 13th at 9:00 pm. Make sure and catch it. They are great people and they are real people.

Also, five of the older children (Zach, Lawson, Erin, Alyssa, and Tori) will be at my concert on August 10th. If you are there, you will have a chance to meet them. That is a big sacrifice for them because they are doing promos in New York such as Good Morning America that week. In fact, TLC is flying them in from New York that day.

I had to be back in Atlanta on Sunday because I ran the morning choir practice at my church and had a concert last night here. But we had a hard time leaving Tennessee. In fact, we left there at a time I will not disclose and arrived home at a time I won’t disclose either.   I think I fell asleep a few times during that choir practice.

As usual, we forgot to take pics though Alyssa picked up my camera and took some shots of me working with Erin.
You have to coax and plead and repeat to get Erin on camera.  Ice cream does not work.  At this point, she is finally accepting that she needs to do it.
If you wonder why she takes her piano apart, it is because it makes it sound louder.

Bizz (Alyssa) is a great photographer.

6 thoughts on “Weekend in Tennessee with Bates Family

  1. Shawna says:

    I love the Bates and love you giving a little insight into their lives Greg. I wish you would tell us about that time in Pigeon Forge!!!

  2. Lance Shirley says:

    Greg, you are so comedic. You should be a writer full time. This is hysterical. The idea of giving ice cream to Erin to get her on camera had me in stitches.

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